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Reusable PLASTIC FREE Coffee Cup - Sunflowers & Roses


Image of Reusable PLASTIC FREE Coffee Cup - Sunflowers & Roses

I am very excited to announce a new design collaboration with the amazing Huskup.

Bring you my sunny Sunflower & Roses design on PLASTIC FREE coffee cups - Reusable cups made from rice husk, NOT plastic!

This 400ml cup featuring my original designs is not only great to look at but also great to hold, being light but surprisingly sturdy with a quality finish.

How long will it last?
If you look after your Huskup it can last years, but it is not indestructible and can break if you are not careful. It is certified biodegradable to the European compostability standards (EN13432) and ultimately it would naturally biodegrade over a matter of years under the right conditions, leaving no toxins. If it ever did end up in the sea it would disintegrate back into harmless, natural materials.

For more information on this brilliant project please check out their website here;